Just When I Thought I Was Out… They Pull Me Back In

by: Don G / lbdStreetFashion
I’m an artist, blogger, podcaster, fashion designer, philosopher and CEO of Legendary By Design Inc., the parent company for the lbd Luxury Street Fashion. At any given moment I’m working on one of six businesses or recording another podcast for you to listen to. lbd Street Fashion is my signature clothing brand. It was started back in 2013, but the parent company (Legendary By Design Inc.) was formed back in 2010. All of my brands promote becoming the best version of yourself and inspires those willing to live life on there own terms.
I am currently writing a four part manga novel called Samurai Saga: Bellum Magnum Caelum. It tells the story of the Great War in Heaven between Michael and Lucifer that started it all. I won’t give any spoilers, but I plan to have the first few chapters illustrated and available on Kindle Books. I also talk a lot about my clothing brands which are very near and dear to me. I create cultures specifically for those striving to be iconic individuals. When a person chooses to live by a strong code of values, they begin to define exactly who they are for the world to see. They become leaders of their communities aiding others in overcoming challenges and helping others to succeed.
Initially, my brands focused on men’s fashion but over the past few years I’ve started to transition to women fashion. We don’t want to exclude them anymore from our culture so with the upcoming Summer Collections I want to design high-end street fashion specifically for women. My mission is to blend high street fashion with symbolic artistic prints sharing a core message to design one’s lifestyle in such a way that living a legendary life becomes a way of life.
As you may know, I also hosts a bi-weekly podcast called Jetsetter’s Lifestyle Podcast. This podcast discusses life as a Jetsetter and laces Soul, ol’ School Hip-Hop, Jazz, UK House, and Chicago House with discussions in culture, music, lifestyle, and financial growth in a way that keeps heads boppin’ and knowledge droppin’. I started the podcast for those who asked to be a fly on the wall during conversations with game-changers and mult-millionaires.
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