Becoming The Best Version Of Myself


by: Don G / lbdStreetFashion

You only need one thing to be the best you, and I only need one thing to be the best me…

“beknow yourself to be the best version of yourself.”

The “best version” of yourself becomes your reality when you are living a life that is aligned with what you know deep inside to be right. In order to do this you must truly know who you really are.

In Ancient Khemet, (today known as Egypt) above the entrance of each temple and lodge serving as an academic and scientific learning center, appeared the phrase: “Man, Know Thyself.”

When a person gains a full understanding and acceptance of personal tendencies, motivations, positives and negatives they can begin to cultivate wisdom gained from personal, spiritual and academic experiences through “Knowledge of Self.”

Marcus Garvey thought: for man to know himself is for him to feel that for him there is no human master. For him Nature is his servant, and whatsoever he wills in Nature, that shall be his reward. If he wills to be a pigmy, a serf or a slave, that shall he be. If he wills to be a real man in possession  of the things common to man, then he shall be his own sovereign.

When he fails to grasp his authority he sinks to the level of the lower animals, and whatsoever the real man bids him do, even as if it were of the lower animals, that much shall he do. If  he says “go.” He goes. If he says “come,” he comes. By this command he performs the function of life even as by a similar command the mule, the horse, the cow perform the will of their masters.

To become your “best self” you must beknow yourself. Your definition of your “best self” will be different from what your parents or friends think. You are your best self when you understand who you are. It is less about “becoming” something different, and more about aligning with who you really are.

To live as your “best self” educate yourself in ways that help you to listen to your inner voice in every single moment. Then make decisions from that place within you.