by: Don G / @lbdStreetFashion

Live – Breathe -Do — a mantra I use as motivation to become a better version of myself.

I was born in a family of love and integrity. My grandparents, Rosa Lee Freeman and Joseph Vernon Freeman where my shero/hero and cornerstones of my family. They lead by example and taught us grand-kids how to be strong God fearing people.

Through them I learned about masculinity and the value of a firm handshake, how to keep my word, and to value a hard day’s work. I am wiser today, because of their leadership by example, unconditional love, instruction, mentoring, and spiritual guidance.

I serviced 10 years in the US Air Force and 8 additional years as a US Government Contractor. During that time, I experienced things that caused me to mature as a man while learning what it truly means to live with zeal, discipline, and purpose. I experienced major accomplishments such as obtaining my Bachelors Degree within two years, and major fails such as failing with two marriages.

Due to my work, I have been away from my family for decades and that by itself creates a major strain on relationships. I’ve made my peace with it knowing that it was a price I had to pay to arrive at the station of life I experience now.

The years have flowed past like the sand in an hourglass. I look back over the course of my life and ask the question; “with all that I accomplished and failed at did I live my life on my terms?” So far… yes.

Overall, I gained a keen sense of who I am, and possess maturity far above my years. I have a temper still hard to shake, and though I’m on my third marriage with my third child, I haven’t quite figured out how to make relationships work. Maybe I will always have problems connecting emotionally with the opposite sex. It seems to be a recurring theme for me and I’m not sure if I ever will get that part of my life right.

I believe that I am solely responsible for shaping my destiny, but at the same time I’ve learned to never take anything too seriously. I hold myself accountable each day to become a better version of myself, and keep a daily list of five tasks I must complete everyday — Some days I fail to complete them.

I am charitable with my time and resources not because I want something in return, but because it’s the right thing to do. I question the world around me and rarely take anything I hear or see at face value. I write books and study philosophy, history, psychology, physiology, and religion. Ancient mystics and the value of seeking and applying knowledge to seek more light has groomed me into a man that masters himself.

I  Live – Breathe – Do — and there is a lot of peace to be found in that way of life.

We all have stories that should be told. We all have names that the world should know. Are we willing to live in a way that actually stands for something? We define who we are and who we will become. How we live in this world will determine how we are remembered.

I will never reach the perfection I seek, but failure is a part of becoming a better version of myself. We must be willing to walk for awhile in the dark before we ever get the chance to travel in the light, because the light has to first come from within us before we are able to see.