by: Don G / @lbdStreetFashion

Don’t assume that the our banking system or government spending is the real problem for our nation. That a distraction from what’s really going on. The national debt is a fear tactic to keep you uninformed and financially dumb. It sells newspapers and raise cable rating, but does nothing to make your life better.

Get your financial weight up… Government debt isn’t like ours. The money system is designed to run a deficit. Banking systems use fractional lending to create money out of thin air. The US Government prints unlimited amounts of fiat money. Running a surplus would actually do more damage than good for the economy.

Money is not a solution to our nation’s financial problems. Financial illiteracy is the problem and literacy is path to its solution.

The American dream is an illusion. It was maufactured to increase the size of the middle class. That creates a bigger pool of tax payers and more incentive for government spending.

Banks offer more debt through credit so that more people supposedly have the opportunity to pursue their happiness and home ownership. That is an illusion if you lack the understanding to use their financial instruments properly. Negative debt is a form of financial servitude.

America at one time was industrious and had a unified vision of freedom, wealth, and success. Now most Americans complain about not getting handouts and benefits. How many take the time to educate themselves about financial tools or seek advice from advisors to help realize their own financial dreams.

People, please don’t get trapped by the idea that money has value. Money is nothing more than an idea… an illusion to help us assign value for trade of goods and services. Until someone accepts it as legal tender from you in a financial transaction, it has no value. The item or service you trade it for has value, but the money involved only has intristic value.

Economic ignorance is the new economic slavery. Take time to educate yourself. Our banking system looks out for its interests, so should you. Start by reading books that help to improve your financial literacy. One such book is, “The Creature From Jekyll Island” and it should be on everyone’s reading list.