Top 5 Practical Ways To Overcome Difficult Situations

by: Don G / @lbdStreetFashion

Life can be cruel at times. One moment, you have everything going well for you. You have a nice job and a wonderful family. Although your life is not perfect, you have everything under control and going as planned.

Then out of the blue, disaster strikes. Perhaps you lose your job, home, or a loved one. You may even lose your health and your life seems to be taking a U-turn. That’s obviously unfair to you. You don’t deserve this and you obviously are not prepared for it. What do you do?

Naturally, the first reaction is to blame some people for your misfortune. You may also subject yourself to self-condemnation, criticizing every move you have made up to that moment. But hey, that’s not the way to go. Shifting the blames to others or wallowing in self-condemnation won’t ease your pains. Rather, it will compound your problems.

Here are five practical steps you can take to negate the impact of a sudden turn of events or overcome a difficult situation.

  • Be in control

During trying moments like this, the easiest thing to do is lose your grip. There is the natural tendency to give up on life because the future looks gloomy and unpromising. But, that’s never the ideal thing to do. Your life is your responsibility. Your future will be the result of how you handle your present. So, rather than give up and cave in under pressure, find a way to be in control of the situation.

Never allow the situation to make you relinquish the control of your life to someone else. Rather, do whatever you can to be on top of the situation. Do everything within your power to turn the situation around for the better.

  • Accept what you can’t control

When you are faced with some challenges in life, there are certain things you can control. You have absolute control over how you react to the unfortunate incidence. You have control over how you want the situation to pan out.  Don’t lose that control or give that control to someone else. On the other hand, there are a couple of things that are beyond your control. You apparently can’t control people’s reaction to your plight. Neither can you reverse the unfortunate incidence that triggered the difficulty. Accept what you can’t change and pay no attention to what is beyond you. Set new goals. Let go of the past. That way, you can cope well with the situation.

  • Focus on the positive side of the situation

No matter how bad a situation is, it may offer glimpses of positive changes. It may have a hidden lesson for you to learn. As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. However, it takes patience to identify the positive side of a difficult situation.

Ask yourself if there is any lesson or positive thing you can take out of the situation. For instance, if you lose your job, is that an opportunity to put your entrepreneurial skills into work? If you no longer enjoy the best of health, can you consider it as an opportunity to deepen your appreciation for life? Just think about the lesson you can derive from your present predicament.

An article in Positively Present made this suggestion: “Almost every difficult situation has a silver lining, but most of them you won’t be able to see unless you really look closely and focus your attention on finding it.” You may also take to this piece of advice from wikiHow: “If you look for the opportunities rather than staying focused on everything negative, then you give yourself a chance to grasp a way through and stay focused on the silver lining.” Your ability to do this will determine your ability to cope with the situation.

  • Set a deadline for fixing the problem

The reality is that you already have a difficult situation dropped on your laps by circumstances beyond your control. While it is more convenient to sit down and expect things to take a natural course, such decision will have a negative impact on the situation.

Rather than follow that path, it is advisable that you fix a deadline to have the problem addressed. If you don’t set a deadline for yourself, you may end up wasting your time waiting for the situation to work itself out. But if you have a specific deadline, you will be forced to draw up an action plan that will help you achieve your goal. That way, rather than being weighed down with anxiety over your lot, you will be refreshed as you take practical steps to work things out.

  • Get help

This is one of the most effective ways you can fight off difficult situations. Sometimes, you may feel lonely and overwhelmed by the challenging moment you are going through. Rather than give up on life under such an intense pressure, you should call for help and let people lend you a helping hand and boost your confidence. Talk to your family members, friends, therapist, and others who are always willing and ready to assist people in a critical situation like yours.

You can also take advantage of online social networks. There are some groups and NGOs that are established for helping individuals who are going through difficult moments to weather that storm successfully. Talk to people who are genuinely interested in helping you get over your challenges. Their practical solution may help you pull through this dark moment and move on to the next big thing in your life.

When life throws some challenges on your laps, how you handle them will determine the depth of the negative impact of the challenges. If you handle them with fortitude, you will overcome the challenges in no time. Otherwise, if you allow the challenges to get the better part of you, you will find it difficult to stand up again. That may have a permanent negative impact on your life.

If you can apply the useful tips discussed in this article, you will find it relatively easy to weather the storm of life and come off better than you were before the incidence.