by: Don G / lbdStreetFashion

I use to have two sayings, “No hard feelings”, and “No love 4 them”.

They were my mantras, but as time spiraled onward, maturity and experience entered into my life teaching me deeper lessons than what I could learn in a class room.

All feelings are hard.

It’s the hard feelings, good or bad, that we remember. They define the moments of our lives. They define who we are to be. So there is no such thing as ” No hard feelings.”  Fuck that bullshit, it’s nothing but a weak minded cop-out to deflect emotional baggage for the poor life choices we make.

Having “No love 4 them” is a tattoo I have honoring a close mentor and friend who taught me how to improve my talk game to hunt, chase, and catch women. This was back in my running days in Europe, of course.

Later, I learned how to have women chase me… Getting back on track, it was my mantra and a way of life for us soldiers. If we had no love for them, we could never truly be hurt by them or by the dirt we did to them emotionally.

But isn’t that a coward’s way of doing things… A man faces his fears head on, he doesn’t avoid them because they might hurt. That motto doesn’t work for me anymore. The tattoo is now just a reminder. If I am a man, I will love with all my heart and if I am to be hurt, I will heal and love once more.

I am thankful for that crazy life in my life. I had to walk the path of manhood for many years to find the light of understanding and those lessons which shaped me were my trials by fire.

To have no love for anyone is like saying you have no love for God and to hide from my hard feelings will make my journey a thousand times harder to reach God.

A young brother in my fraternity that I mentor recently reminded me of this message through a bible verse he sent.

1 John 4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.