by: Don G / @lbdStreetFashion

Life appears to build upon itself. Each successive generation faces its own enemies and knows these enemies by the pain they cause and bring. Pain creates needs and as those generations seek to fulfill their needs they also seek to shield their children from the pain. In their mind, they hope to protect their youth from the heartbreak and trauma they themselves endured.

How they learn to overcome the adversity eventually becomes knowledge that is passed down to future generations, but the solutions the previous generations found, like the vast majority of all technological innovation, eventually becomes obsolete or creates new problems and needs. There is always a new challenge, a new obstacle or enemy, a new tragedy, a new war.

Why do we suffer in life then? Because we were each put here to add our voice to that universal choir, that symphony of sound and light… The sliver of knowledge we share in our short moment of life is worth passing on if the song of humanity is to be complete. Let your voice be heard.

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