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by Don G. / @lbdStreetFashion

Free Will

To summarize life — in such as to one’s trajectory of life, when man plans God laughs… and that’s ok.

You will disappoint so many people and be disappointed by so many more. The closer you become to people who love you the more they will disappoint you and vice versa… and that’s ok. Look closer, this is the mark of life. It is free will in all of its glory buddy. It’s yours for the taking.

You will never be obligated to do anything you might believe you are supposed to do. If someone asks, you can choose to say no, consequences be damned. You possess the greatest gift bestowed on humankind: ‘free will‘. What other creature has the ability to influence the world around them with their thoughts? If you don’t like something you can change it. If something can be created or destroyed you can make it a reality. If you want nothing to happen, that can happen too. You have a choice in that.

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You will have a job or not, be what others consider successful or not, find a significant other or not, purchase a house or not, have children or not, fall in love or not, love only one person or many or no one at all, follow rules or not, be a professional asshole or not, complete a college degree or not, decide your purpose in life or not, speak multiple languages or only a few or none quite well at all. These are all options available to you and granted by the gift of free will.

You will decode your path and decide what is right or wrong for you, choosing to then follow that path or not. Anecdotally, I’ve had successes and failures pursuing free will. I’ve been married three times and have children by each woman. I’ve learned that every choice carries consequences and even no choice, is in itself a choice. I’ve made life changing decisions like serving my country in the greatest military in the world. I’ve knocked on the door to a lodge of Masons and was given jewels. I’ve created companies that have grown successful through hard work and persistence. I’ve made millions and lost millions more. I’ve travelled the world over and created lasting friendships everywhere I’ve gone. I’ve been happy, content, frustrated, and depressed. I’ve loved my life at times and been sucicidal at other times. Free will — in such as to my trajectory of life, when man plans God laughs… and that’s ok.

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In one of the great paradoxes of life, everyone will judge you and nobody will care. They are judging you this very moment, and will just as quickly forget you when you are not relevant to them anymore. Don’t you see, your life will be ok. It has always been, so choose to live it on your terms.