Master Moves


by: Don G / @lbdStreetFashion

Pursue your dreams until you have nothing left in you.

What are your dreams and goals worth? Are they worth your blood, sweat, and tears? Are you happy with yourself and what God gave you?

Persistence is a difficult skill to master, but without it you will have few major successes in life. It’s not a lifestyle hack, it’s a master move… demanding hard work and long hours to become proficient. When those around you give up on their dreams and settle for less than what they deserve, persistence forces you to stand apart. “I mustn’t” becomes the mantra that fuels your future successes.

Only a small minority of people go after and acquire the things they really want in life. Some call these people obsessed, or fanatics and honestly that may be what it takes to be a persistent minded person. A smaller minority than this put their faith in God to help them achieve their success. To master this art requires discipline and self determination in specific areas of one’s life. No one can do it for you.

Some experts claim that ‘motivation’ is all you need to be successful… I tend not to believe what anyone that calls themselves an expert says.

Motivation is not enough. Your success or failure in life is totally on you. You must find that voice inside that tells you to push on dispite what you feel like doing. ‘Fuck feel like…‘ Do what you gotta do because it’s gotta get done. PERIOD!!!

Persistence - Pursue your dreams until you have nothing left in you.
Persistence – Pursue your dreams until you have nothing left in you.

You will get frustrated… and tired… and hate everyone… You should seek out help, but you should be keenly aware that everyone that offers help, aren’t always helpful. People around you including loved ones who see you struggling through a difficult situation may feel sympathy for you. They may even offer advice as a way of looking out for your best interest.

Don’t fault them for their lack of faith in you. They don’t want to see you in pain. They will tell you to take a break, or to slow down, or that it’s not meant to be. They might even sound reasonable when they ask you to quit. Don’t listen to those people. If they truly know how much achieving your dream or goal was worth to you, they woundn’t be the one telling you to quit. They would take your burden onto their shoulders to help you reach success.

If you lack persistence, how will you achive a difficult goals? The answer is exactly why there are so many more unsuccessful people in our society than there are successful people. Those who are successful, ‘persist.

Persistance is the difference between someone who quits while they are ahead, and someone that becomes so successful  at something that their reputation become truly undeniable. So, why do so many people lack persistence? I believe that gratification plays a key role. A major disconnect exists between intentions and determination. A person may have good intentions yet never reach their goals. It is only when a person becomes determined that their goal becomes obtainable.

When challenges reach a certain mental threshold people tend to forget the importance of being consistent and persistent in the way that they pursue their dream. Excuses form in their mind on why they can no longer have what they desire. It’s always someone elses fault right? That’s a debilitating mindset, and it guarantees you failure in the end.

It’s so easy for people lose their way because their ‘why’ is no longer big enough to motivate them. They get comfortable in the day to day and begin to settle. Mediocrity is when a person carries on in life without persistence. As their goals become more difficult to achieve, and they create shortages, the voids and obstacles that are tough (if not impossible) begin to overwhelm them. A person can be born with the greatest talents and gifts, but if they lack persistent and consistent dedication you see them never quite reach their fullest potential.

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To master persistence you must delay gratification. You have to do the tough things now instead of the fun things. The secret that seperates successful people from unsuccessful people is their level of delaying gratification. Persistence creates winners with unbeatable work ethics. The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is how much they manage procrastination and how they choose to invest their time and energy. The ones willing to fight until nothing is left are the ones possessing the Eye of the Tiger.

These seven steps are a must if you desire to master persistence.

Master Move Action Steps:

Step #1 – Determine your present position (where are you on the scale toward achieving your dream or goal)

 Step #2 – Be specific about what you want (what is your end game)

Step #3 – Look for inspiration (find your ‘why’ that brings you to tears)

Step #4 – Ask God to help you (seek spiritual help, and if you don’t believe in God, seek out the you that believes in you) 

Step #5 – Identify and remove barriers (whatever or whoever will hold you back or keep you from reaching your dream or goal, remove)

Step #6 – Create a step-by-step plan (write it down or visualize your plan and then hold yourself accountable)

Step # 7 – Be patient, but take persistent action (don’t just wait for something to happen for you, the universe moves for the determined)

No one perseveres unless they care about the challenge they face. If you don’t have something to care about, it will be nearly impossible to achieve your goal. To maximize your  persistence, you must pursue dreams and goals that really matter to you.

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That doesn’t mean you will always find persistence towards a dream or goal fun or even ideal to your current situation, but the growth is in the struggle. There will be many late nights and long days where you dispise what you must do in order to obtain the success you seek. Good… That means that you are on the right path doing what others won’t do live a life others can’t live. Persist until nothing is left.