by: Ryan Michler / Order of Man

Modern day man is WEAK and FRAGILE, and, quite honestly, it’s pathetic.

“Masculinity isn’t about being macho, tough, and strong,” some might say.

WRONG! That’s EXACTLY what it’s about.

The only reason you’d say it’s not about toughness is because YOU aren’t.

At the end of the day, it’s the man’s responsibility to:

PROVIDE for his family
PROTECT those he cares about
PRESIDE over his house, business, community and nation

Guess what that requires?! TOUGHNESS!


Without it, societies become a collection of complacent, domicile wimps. Sound familiar?!

Want to know why bullies are more prevalent than ever? Because our boys are being taught to “play nice.”

Want to know why terrorism is on the rise? Because the countries that CAN do something about it believe they should reason with evil men, talk about their differences, and sing Kumbaya around the campfire.

Want to know why a huge portion of millennials bitch and moan about fairness, political correctness, and hurt feelings? Because they weren’t ever taught to go out into the world, provide value, overcome obstacles, and take what was theirs.


Want to know why women ask where have all the “real men” gone? Because the pool of real men in which to draw from is dwindling at an alarming pace.

Want to know why more families are being raised without fathers? Because our sons aren’t taught what it means to be committed and see something through to the end – that they can run at the slightest sign of trial or adversity.

Want to know why our sons, brothers, husbands, daughters, sisters, and mothers are still fighting in Iraq after 13 years? Because the silver spoon politicians who send them to war never had to sacrifice in combat a day in their lives.

Want to know why politicians are trying to take your guns? Because the men that wield them represent the last true hurdle to an easily-manipulated society of passive drones.

Want to know why there’s a debate about who should be able to enter a woman’s bathroom? Because somewhere along the way men forgot that it’s okay to tell someone they’re wrong, make a stand for what is right, and punch someone in the teeth if necessary.

And here the men (whose job it is to put an END to these problems) sit and talk about what shirt to wear, how they should style their hair, what show to watch, what club to hit, the death of a rock star, Kim Kardashian’s butt, and what Kanye West tweeted/snapped/messaged/posted/instagrammed last night.

Fellas, this is NOT OKAY! It’s time to TOUGHEN UP! That is what is required.

Build some muscle!
Do something hard!
Exert yourself!
Learn to shoot!
Challenge the status quo!
Pick a fight!
Make a Stand!