​A Man’s Job Is To Provide. Period. End Of Discussion

by: Ryan Michler / Order of Man

I’m tired of hearing about guys who “can’t find work” but refuse to take a job, even temporarily, that might be “beneath them.” A real man is willing to flip burgers, clean floors, work graveyards, and bust his ass to provide for himself and his family.

I’m tired of hearing about “professional students” who chase worthless degrees and, after obtaining one, realize they actually have to go out into the workforce but, instead, go back to college to chase another worthless degree. A real man gets his necessary education SOLEY so he can go out into the world and provide value for himself and those he cares about.

I’m tired of hearing of men who mooch off the system and the backs of real men who create, sacrifice, sweat, and put in an honest day’s work while the losers sit back and play Xbox, sleep in, take their mind-numbing substance of choice, and coast. I real man who isn’t pulling his weight is ashamed of himself and does whatever he can to contribute.

I’m tired of hearing guys complain about minimum wage but when asked to exert a little more effort, gain some new knowledge, or develop a new set of skills, they gripe about their rights and entitlements. A real man knows if he wants more, he has to give more – he doesn’t deserve what he doesn’t earn.

Now, before anyone wants to come back with an exception to what I just said, let me stop you right there.

There are situations where the man stays at home and the woman goes out into the workforce. I get that. And, if a husband and wife agree on that arrangement, all the power to them. In that case, the man’s contribution to the household is providing and covering the responsibilities at home. But, if a man misuses that agreement or views his wife’s work as an excuse to sit around and do nothing all day, he is less of a man.

There are also situations where a man is incapable of working as in the case of a mental and/or physical handicap. And, in the case of legitimate disabilities, it is reasonably understood that there are exceptions. I say “legitimate” because I’ve seen first-hand men who abuse the system and fake injuries and illness to steal from the men out there doing all they can to provide for their loved ones. Besides, I’ve seen men with severe disabilities (for example, down syndrome) working as hard, if not harder, as any other man. I’ve seen veterans with missing limbs doing all they can to make ends meet and more.

BOTTOM LINE: a real man provides for himself and those he has a responsibility for. If you’re not, I’m calling you out right now and challenging you to get out there and GET TO WORK! You want to call yourself a man, then it’s your responsibility to earn it.