Don G & Chitronix at 808 Club, Thailand 2015

by: Don G / @lbdStreetFashion

So many people “fake it to make it.” Why be like everyone who advertises how perfect their lives are, how much money they made from a breakthrough get rich quick scheme, want to coach you on how to tie your shoes to success, or continually rant about how many followers they have on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, or Quora.

How many of those same folks post stories about losing their job, suffering from a depression, breaking up with the love of their life, being diagnosed with an STD, battling with drug addictions, cheating on a partner, or share feelings about racism and economic slavery, share experiencing a recent death of a loved one, or expose to their audience unpaid child support debts?

There is so much going on behind the scenes that the public never sees. It’s an illusion that ANYONE’S life is perfect and those images they post of popping bottles and tags, shapely hips, massive titties, other expensive habits, and motivational memes do nothing to make up for the web of lies used to hold together the narratives of an artificially created social image.



Please “Do NOT FOLLOW ME” or have anything to do with me if you believe the man I portray online who invests his time helping and mentoring those in need, teaching his people about their legacy, building a multi-media empire, and motivating World Changers is any deception or illusion to the man I truly am. Yes, I have flaws and I am the first to admit that I have a massive ego too. I like to stay in five star hotels when I travel, I purposely don’t answer phone calls, and I don’t allow people to visit my home unannounced even if they are family. I own up to those flaws, because I know that they make me exactly who I need to be.


Don G at Arab Museum of Modern Art, Qatar 2017

A deep pain that still keeps me awake at night involves balancing my life in a way that allows me to be with my kids more. I haven’t been stateside in over three years to see them. Instead I’ve Skyped and Messenger’d, and did my best to provide for them while abroad. Rarely do I get the freedom to travel great distances away for more than a few days. This makes traveling to the US logistically impossible certain times of the year and windows of opportunity do not appear often. It’s neglect on my part and I own up to it. I blame myself for not being more available and I carry this burden with the wisdom of having grown up myself without a father present during my adolescence. I share this to say that I too have skeletons and demons and like you I am far from perfect.

Never invest in an image at the expense of sacrificing authenticity of who you are “from skin to bone”… In the end, 50% of people you deal with will respect you for who you truly are and the other 50% won’t. Don’t believe the hype people spin for social validating. Focus on living and projecting that realness this world so desperately needs right now… “fake it to make it”? nah bruh… “be it as you become it.”