Torn Over Race…

​by: Don G


Police accountability and racial bias have been at the center of many civic debates with communities of color. As of recent years, this debate has received new found attention such as on August 2014, when a black teenager was killed by a white officer in a suburb in Ferguson, MO.

This type of violence has been very consistent in the black community but the smart phone camera and social media has brought what’s happening in black communities to the attention of the world stage similar to what Life magazine did in the 50s and 60s.

From the cellphone video of an African-American man being fatally shot by a Louisiana police officer, and the live feed of a Minnesota woman narrating the police killing of her African-American boyfriend during a traffic stop,  to television coverage of police officers being shot by a sniper at a march protesting police shooting. Retaliation will continue, lives will be lost, and this violence will not go away. History will repeat itself and things will get worse.



The root causes for this violence must be tackled by measured competent men and women put in position by society to be a voice capable of bringing unity. Things are at a boiling point. We have no one in a leadership role in government or civic leadership able to channel the voices and will of the people. Until we cut this cancer within the minds and culture of our society out we will not heal.

The unity our ancestors worked so hard to build will continue to evaporate until hate and dispair become a dark fog over the nation and we spiral into chaos.