Money Is Not A Solution…

By: Don G


People assume that the government’s financials are a real problem for our nation. Get ur financial IQ up…
The government’s debt isn’t like ours. The money system is designed for it to run a deficit. If they ran a surplus it would actually do more damage than good.

Money is not a solution to our nation’s financial problems. Our way of thinking is the problem and the path to a solution. The American dream was created to motivate its citizens to be industrious with a unified vision of freedom, wealth, and success. Now most American complain about getting a handout when instead, they should be educating themselves financially to use the system to create their own financial dreams for themselves.

We, Americans r so stuck on the idea that money has value when it’s value is nothing more than an idea… an illusion to help us value time. Economic ignorance is economic slavery. If u love ur nation then educate urself about how its systems of goverment and commerce works. Educate urself…

So what if we aid another nation, do u not think that aid comes with serious strings? Our nation gives nothing freely. Plus taxes r a joke, what is it’s purpose when a nation can create money out of thin air by adjusting a bank ledger. We use fiat currency backed by nothing which only has value through the idea of labor and sacrifice of time.

The government doesn’t do more abroad than at home. We r spoiled children wanting things we did not earn. We want benefits and support services and higher minimum wages so we can buy more useless crap we dont need. When the government throws stimulus money recklessly domestically to a financial system designed to function in a capitalistic way our currency suffers and loses value (triggering inflation). Giving u more money is not the solution, u going out and creating new ways to earn it urself is the solution. Stop being an economic slave.

The government is looking out for its interests. It always has. We aren’t necessarly a part of it’s interests when it comes to spending money… when the citizens become a important to the government it will pay attention. ~G