I’m no Superman 

by: Don G

I’m far too young, dumb, and full of… (u know the rest) to actually follow all the advice I give or am inspired to emulate. However, not a day passes that I fail to be a better man than who I was the day before or fail to give something of myself to others in need. That is what I expect men of my caliber to do. It’s not an option.

Perfection isn’t my goal, but being a role model for my kids and future generations is. I’m no super hero, but I have a very crafty ego and sometimes I fall into bouts of depression over relationship and trust issues I’m probably not meant to solve. It is me and it’s the way of things. I’m at peace with that.

Some days I fall short of the ideal man I strive to be, but I work at it and I work on me to be a better man. It’s an amazing feeling to keep ur promises. I like that feeling.

Maybe that is a win in itself, or maybe it’s just repressed daddy issues. Does it matter? I don’t know nor do I particularly care. I do know that my character today is my fate tomorrow. I refuse to damage the character of the man I am today to protect the ideal future man I will be…