Becoming a Better Version

#LiveBreatheDo has been a mantra whispered, spoken, and at times screamed in an effort to become a better version of myself.

I came from a family of love and integrity. My grandparents, Rosa and Joseph Freeman were cornerstones of my family and taught me to be a strong God fearing man in a world filled with pitfalls and shortcomings.

They taught me the value of a handshake, a man’s word as his bond, and to value a hard day’s work. I am a wise man today because of their unconditional love, mentoring, and spiritual guidance.

I serviced 10 years in the US Air Force and during those years, learned what it truly meant to live with zeal, discipline, and purpose. Having served during three wars, and constantly being away from family took its toll on relationships and values but it also gave me a deep understanding and appreciation for core values that would later define who I would become: Integrity when no one looked, Service before self, and Excellence in all I did.

Becoming a civilian was a bitter sweet transition. I had gained a sense of who I could become but still lacked the maturity to act upon it. I possessed some of the tools required to shape my destiny but could never quite use them effectively. Both of my marriages suffered for my incompetence. It wasn’t until I found masonry, that I was able to finally begin the discovery of what it meant to become a better version of myself and to live for others.

On that love walk I learned what it meant to be charitable, to question the world around me, to master the 7 sciences and to forever be cautious. I also learned about ancient mystics and the value of seeking and applying knowledge groomed through years of success and failure. I became a Master Mason by learning to master myself.

As I approach 34 years, my heart has only begun to make peace with the past and I am reminded of what it truly means to be a #LionOfJudah.

We all have a legendary story and it needs to be told. More particularly, we must be willing to live legendary lives and stand for something. The challenges we face and overcome define who we are. How we shape and impact the world depends on how we face it.

If I am ever to be the legends that I strive to emulate it must come from a desire to constantly strive to be a better version of myself and to hold on tight to those family values I cultivated so often throughout my life. On our path to manhood/womanhood we must not be afraid of becoming better versions of ourselves. #lbdMovement #LegendaryMinded